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Directly connected with mobile operators. We have API that you can integrate with your system.

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We Provide you highest incentive. We are providing similar service since 2017 with client’s satisfaction.


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Bdsmartpay Limited is one of the top recharge service provider in Bangladesh which has been serving since 2017 and till now we are continuing with client satisfaction and has already served a large number of clients and counting. We are proving recharge service in Govt & Private organizations in Bangladesh.
Our recharge services for multi-purposes such as Marketing Campaign , Corporate Mobile Bill Payment etc. We make topup marketing easy. We have Recharge API. We maintain 99.99% Uptime in service. We provide all operator recharge in Bangladesh.

We can help you to grow your business

  • ✓ Recharge marketing will generate more new clients
  • ✓ More Business will be originated from existing clients
  • ✓ Gross profit margin must be Improved
  • ✓ Extremely cost effective
  • ✓ No or little waste
  • ✓ Immediate delivery
  • ✓ Economical
  • ✓ Professional Impact on customers
  • ✓ Clients Satisfaction


Some popular ideas that use Topup

  • Retail Business: Retailer can topup from their shop to end users. Retailer can offer your customers mobile data bundles and combo packages containing air time, data, messages, etc.
  • Voucher Service: A voucher and gift card business is an excellent way to connect with your customers and foster loyalty. It enables you to connect customers in need with their friends and family.
  • Corporate Payment: Organiazation can pay their all staff mobile bill payment by maitaning a single account rather than individual operators
  • Digital Service: All types of digital service which need recharge through a single platform or using API

What do they say?

Bdsmartpay Belives Providing Best Customer Service Brings Business

We are using Bdsmartpay bulk topup service long time. We are happy with their service. They have many payment options to add balance in account.



We are using Bdsmartpay to Topup Service. Their service is satisfactory. We wish them every success.

M2M Communications


We are using Topup Service from Bdsmartpay. Their service is satisfactory. We wish them every success.



Support Bank Payments

You can do Bank Transfer through EFTN or NBPSB to get Top-up Balance anytime and mail the payment slip to "". Bdsmartpay will allocate Top-up balance and provide credentials to you for recharge.

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Techno Index Limited 1711100009023 Dhanmondi Branch

Islami Bank Limited

Techno Index Limited 20502050100124809 Dhanmondi Branch

City Bank Limited

Techno Index Limited 1401567490001 Dhanmondi Branch

United Commercial Bank

Techno Index Limited 1802101000002761 Shyamoli Ring Road Branch

Brac Bank Limited

Techno Index Limited 1509202482016001 Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi Branch

Eastern Bank Limited

Techno Index Limited 1111070175058 Shyamoli Ring Road Branch
126 Projects
1000 Happy Clients
18 Awards Wins
4 Operators

Topup Sending Architechture

Bdsmartpay Topup gateway connected to mobile and IPTSP operators in Bangladesh. Customer can send Topup Bdsmartpay's merchant portal or through API by their own customized application.

  • ✓ Single Topup send Module
  • ✓ Bulk Topup send Module
  • ✓ Group Create Module
  • ✓ Daily Report Module
  • ✓ Archived Report Module
  • ✓ Online Payment Module
  • ✓ Daily Topup summary Module
  • ✓ Developer's API Module


Our Connectivity Partner

Bdsmartpay has connectivity with teclo to provide the Topup service to all digital channels in Bangladesh

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